Pastor’s Pen

Praise the Lord! Allow me to say Happy New Year to you and family! We are blessed to be able to see a brand new year. I have a letter that has been sent via email and to your physical address. It is not a letter of surprise, but one to provide an update and helpful information. Please take the time to read it in its entirety.

Education for Our Youth: Many educators and families acknowledge, at the least, the great challenges that come with providing an education for our young people during COVID. An overwhelming concern has to do with ensuring that our young people do not lose where they need to be grade wise.

Because educating our young people is a huge and significant task, individuals, parents, grandparents, and guardians will need to give more to make sure that our children are not lost in the process. I want to write to those that read this to make sure that your child(ren) is reading. Reading is a fundamental way of learning. They are also meaning on-line resources that may serve as learning aids. Take advantage of these programs by including them in your young person’s life.

Altar Prayer for Love Ones on Sundays: While I have not received any feedback on the calling of names of our love ones, I have learned over the years that in its own strange way this is positive. I know that we all are going through some level of grief and it is not easy. We learn to live with our pain while a gradual healing takes place.

I believe that it is important to call the names of folk that have meant so much to us in our lives. I will continue to call names until every one’s family member(s) has been mentioned. I hope that you would continue to pray, not lose hope, and press forward as we all endure the days ahead.

The Year 2021 and Moving Forward: The first thing is to start the year off in the right spirit. There are times when attitudes can affect our mindsets, homes, and others in ways that we may not pay attention. Another way of saying this is to be accountable to your thoughts and actions. A positive attitude is far healthier than a negative attitude.

I also want to encourage everyone to remain connected to the means in which Carter is able to do ministry. I do understand when we seek to visit other ministries. I visit at least two or three ministries to see what colleagues and family members are doing. Be encouraged to continue to participate with Carter ministries online. We want to increase member subscriptions to Facebook and YouTube. We also want to see more people on virtual worship and Bible study.

Have a great day,

ck heath